Top 3 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 100-Dollar

I have been an avid keyboard user ever since my first mechanical keyboard when I was a child, so when I decided to buy my first computer, I chose a brand that I really liked, the Logitech G710. However, in order to ensure that the keyboard I purchased would not disappoint me for years to come, I read reviews about different products to determine which ones would work well on the computer I wanted to purchase.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100

The results surprised me, and since I had already decided to buy the G710, I decided it was best to choose the top ten best mechanical keyboards under 100-dollar mark. After doing this, I was surprised to see that the best keyboard was actually a keyboard that I would never have thought about purchasing. The best thing about these ten keyboards was that they came with a ninety-day guarantee that would protect me if anything happened to the keyboard after I received it.

The keyboards I selected from the best mechanical keyboards under 100-dollar category were the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard, the KUL Premium Mechanical Keyboard, the Razer Blade Mechanical Keyboard, the Cooler Master Mechanical Keyboard, the Pimp My Keyboard, the Das Keyboard Alpha Mechanical Keyboard, the Origin Grey Mechanical Keyboard, the CM Storm Quickfire, and the Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard. These are some of the best keyboards I have ever used. As a matter of fact, these are among the best keyboards I have ever used. I am very happy with them, as they do everything I want them to do.

These are all mechanical keyboard, meaning they use mechanical keys to make the typing experience pleasant and enjoyable. The key is the typing experience itself is not affected by the way the keys feel, because the mechanical keyboard can easily make up for the missing key using a rubberized membrane that provides a comfortable, tactile feeling to the touch, which gives me that same feeling of confidence I felt when typing on a real keyboard.

One of the best things about the best mechanical keyboard under 100-dollar category was that each one comes with a ninety day warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Another great feature of the keyboards is their durability and the fact that they can last a long time without having to be refilled. or repaired. It can also withstand continuous use, because of its non-slip rubber feet and a non-skid rubberized bottom, making it very easy to store or carry in one’s desk.

Some of the best mechanical keyboards under 100-dollar range, like the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard, contain features like the backlighting, macro keys, media keys, customizable macro keys, and full numeric keypad. For more advanced gamers, the KUL Premium Mechanical Keyboard comes with advanced features such as multimedia keys, an eighteen key space bar, five-key rollover, and N-Key rollover, which provide the ability to have the same keys pressed simultaneously for quick typing and precise command.

Since I have been playing video games and using keyboards for years now, I knew I was going to need some extra functions on my keyboards for my gaming needs, especially considering I was not only a casual gamer but also used keyboards for online gaming. The Das Keyboard Alpha Mechanical Keyboard comes with some of the best multimedia keys I have seen in a keyboard to date.

And the most exciting thing about the top three mechanical keyboards under 100-dollar category, the Cooler Master Mechanical Keyboard, is its built-in headset, which makes gaming sound effects, along with the ability to record voice chat, or even video conference through its built in microphone. For a lot of gamers who spend hours gaming, days, even weeks, playing the computer, these are all great features to look for in a good mechanical keyboard under 100-dollar.